As a Chicago native, she has made her mark from Hollywood to New York City and everywhere in between. She’s known for being energetic, sexy, and a one-of-a-kind woman.

Whether working with celebrities, commentating about them, or being the one who is interviewed,

she turns heads and opens ears wherever she goes! Known as Hollywood’s publicist, Toni has established herself as a popular celebrity commentator.

From being a commentator on to working on the “10 Worst Hollywood Divorces” feature for E! Entertainment Television, she has successfully
covered it all.

She has also worked with a variety of celebrities, provided coaching to others entering the business, and been in the spotlight for events held in her honor. 

House Music is a big part of Toni’s persona. Dubbed “Disco Toni,” she is well known for her House Music parties, which she has been holding since the 1980s. The parties were, and still are, a part of Chicago culture that has included the likes of such attendees as Will Smith, Steve Silk Hurley, four-time Grammy Nominated Producer, and more.

Her parties were DJ’d by such notables as Tony Hatchett, Andre Hatchett, Keith Fobs and Wayne Williams, and attended by such people as Bernie Mac, Common, Michael Jordan, R. Kelly, and numerous NFL and NBA athletes. As the Queen of House, she was the second person ever to receive a Chosen Few “I Love Music Award: ‘Disco Toni’ Shelton” for her contribution to the genre. “No one I know invented House Music, because everyone I know was listening to Frankie Knuckles, record producer and remix artist as well as a former Board of Advisors member for the Dance Music Hall of Fame, at The Warehouse with me,” says Toni. “I still have the photos and fliers from these events that were such a fun time in our lives, as well as being so influential in the House Music scene.” Today, Toni is still playing a major role in the progression of House Music.

She holds parties in Chicago that feature the music, and has a live radio show where she plays House Music from DJ’s around the world, as well as discussing important issues. Whether in front of or behind the camera, Toni has a way of charming those she works with and touches. She has also been recognized several times for her humanitarian efforts, including providing mentoring and helping Hurricane Katrina victims find housing. Philanthropy is an important part of her life, and she tries to instill that value in others.

She has also been a Pageant Judge for “Miss Illinois,” and has been featured in numerous publications, commercials, and on billboards. She has received awards for her humanitarian and charity work multiple times, including the “Women Who Make a Difference” award, as well as being a recipient of the award dedicated in her honor, the “Toni Shelton Humanitarian Award.” She has won additional awards, including the 0TrailBlazer Award, The Coalition For Enhanced Humanity, and a House Music Award. Toni has been featured in spots for Miller Genuine Draft, Seagram’s Gins, as well as worked with the Make A Difference Youth Foundation.

She has also written three books on modeling and the entertainment industry, has been featured on billboards, in commercials, and more. When Toni is not working with celebrities, grooving to the House Music, or providing on- or off-camera commentary, she hosts events, does public speaking, and combines her strong work ethic with her compassion for others, in order to give back and make a difference. Toni believes in the beauty found within us all, as well as in our ability to use it for doing good and giving back. At the top of her game, she looks forward to seeing what else is yet to come! 

Toni Shelton